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Welcome to Keitsu Electronic Co., Ltd. Home Page.

We welcome your inquiries about wireless modules and embedded system hardware and software design.

We are also happy to help you realize applications using custom protocols where existing standards such as Zigbee/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi are not applicable.

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This site is currently under construction.

A demo system using 2.4GHz RF Module
Utilizing TI  CC2510 MCU
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Soldering tips for engeneers

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with video clips guiding you into SMT parts
WCU-ADC: An ultra compact & high speed AtoD radio transfer unit 13bitx8ch (effective resolution12bitj
  Small form factor and light weight wireless ADC module which can be powered either externally or by an on-board battery. (2032 type)

Real-time analogue data transfer by adjustable 1-10ms sampling period.
PC-configurable system parameters: Sampling Period, RF Frequency etc.

ePower-up and Gof by loading configuration data from internal flash memory.
Optionally comes with battery holder that houses CR2032 rechargeable coin cell.

Fully certified for Japanese radio law regulation.

Configuration example
 12bitA/D 8ch 2ms/sample
 12bitA/D 2ch 1ms/sample

Product image
 Powered by rechargeable coin cell      Optional battery holder
  on the bottom side           and pin header are populated

        top                 bottom

Note that Battery, Battery holder and pin header are optional

25x32mm weight3g

incoporating CP2102
WCU-C2543u ultra small fast response radio module
  Introduced by Japanese electronic magazine eTransister gijyutsuf on 2013 Feb.
Part of the articl pdf (Japanese)
The article explains about reailizing fast data transaction and low latency data transfer where XBee is not applicable.

   WCU-C2543u 15x19mm          Supports various antennas using extension PCB
   Comparing to the size of coin       Chip anttena, U.FL connector, SMA connector

MCU: TI CC2543 2.4GHz SoC Radio
Transfer speed: 2Mbps
High Power: +5dBm
High Sensitivity: -90dBm@2Mbps
Low standby power: 0.4uA(typ) at sleep(PM3)

For development, our WCU-CXM Rev2 (compatible to TI CC debagger) may be used to programme your code and test wireless communication.

WCU-C254x series : we have many variants available. Please contact us for the details.

  WCU-C2543u           WCU-C2543u           WCU-C2543u+WCU-COM
  Certified for         +WCU-AGC2 sensor board        UART-USB comverter
 Japanese radio      Accererameter+Gyro+Compass 9Axis      incorporating CP2102
 law regulations


  WCU-C2545u      WCU-C2545u      WCU-C2545u        WCU-LCD
Multiple I/O pins     +XBee like board     +XBee like board    Small wireless text board
incorporating CC2545    (front side)       (bottom side)     Battery powered by
              similar pin configuration to XBee.        rechargeable coin cell

2.4GH radio module application example
@ Wireless ampere logger
Wireless hygrothermograph itemperature and humidity of Takatsuki city, Osakaj

  added English Page  
  added ultra small A/D high speed radio comunication unit WCU-ADC  

Measurement of electric field strength

Measurement for
 Japanese radio law certification

Bluetooth low energy + ARM

Nordic nRF51822 48pin
PCB size 16x22mm

WCU-24LE1 micro

Nordic nRF24LE1 48pin
PCB size@18x24mm


900MHz Radio Module
Silicon Labs@Si4430

PCB size 30x13mm


Radio Module
PCB size 3418mm


Radio Module incorporating MCU
Silicon Labs@Si1002
PCB size 2350mm
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